© COPYRIGHT 2016 Rebecca Klementovich

Robert Frost and Swingers of Birches

Statement Paintings using the rhythms of the paintbrush movement, to support the meter of Robert Frost’s work.

This series of abstract paintings and the poems of Robert Frost’s work together to entice the viewer to enter a new way of thinking or expanding their imagination about New England. Robert Frost’s work speaks to us using poetry in a fantastic abstract way; these abstract paintings support his more abstract work.

Frost developed his own theory of poetry, which is reflected in his verse and teaching.  Frost’s goal was to use the everyday rhythm of speech in verse.  He rejected the stilted patterns and rhymes of the 19th century poets.  He also did not care for free verse in which there is no rhyme or meter.

Klementovich -This group of Paintings explores the edge detection of objects and landscapes that depict Frost’s poems. My work is influenced by Basquiat’s painting in the use hieroglyphic like brush strokes. One person who saw this group of paintings claimed that the palette was tropical for paintings that represent the cold New England. Perhaps I am like the Gaugain of New England with his Fauvism like colors! Below is from the “Ghost House” poem.

For Sale these paintings are either 18×24″ at $1,900 or 34×48″ $3,888. Free shipping. Pay pal buttons are available for the sale of these paintings.

Ghost House poem by Frost