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Latest Art openings 2015


Art Openings for 2015

Feel free to come to one of my art openings. If anyone has seen my work it is all about color and conceptual ideas. One of my main intentions is provide New England with the best work in Abstract and Modern work I can provide. Someday New Hampshire will be known for it’s modern artist. The state provides artists with fantastical views and weather conditions. Below are the gallery openings  for 2015.

Aug 7th Wren, Bethlehem, NH. The First Friday of the month at Wren where I will be showing my whole series of Mars needs Women. A collection of painting that are full of bright orange and blue. The title of the show is “Horizons and Constellations”. Stephan Saal will also be showing is wonderful work along side my paintings. This series has never been shown in its entirely. Wren has wild and fun art openings, prepare yourself. http://wrenworks.org/programs/gallery/

July 11th Sandwich NH at Patricia Carega Gallery. This summer I will be showing “The Femme Fatales of the North” series at the Patricia Carega Gallery. This contemporary gallery is a huge space located in Sandwich, NH. What an amazing quaint town. This series is my most abstract series. The horizon line is dropped and has been replaced by color combinations- some colors combos should be illegal.(above pic my work at Patricia’s pre-show)http://www.patricialaddcarega.com/index.php/about/

July 31st Jackson Art, Studio and Design located in Jackson, NH

Permanent Galleries

I have a studio in Bartlett, NH if anyone wants to see my latest work for sale. Here are the list of galleries that I am a permanent artist at.

Canterbury Hill Studio, Rockport, Mass
Carver Gallery Rockland, Maine
Jackson Art Studio and Gallery, NH
Wren, Bethlehem, NH (Mt Washington Hotel Gallery)
Harvest Gold, Lovell, Maine
Patricia Carega Gallery, Sandwich NH
Cove Gallery, Wellfleet, Mass