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Femme Fatales of the North

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Kristen did this new website below at 2 am. After our interview with the Conway Daily Sun, Kristen decided it was too important not to update our site. We have all been there, when we can’t sleep, we sometimes do our best work.


Femme Fatales of the North: Who we are

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This series of paintings is work in oil with a emphasis on color theory of Hans Hoffman.  What Richard Clifford Diebenkorn did for the California Bay area Klementovich would like to do for the Mt. Washington area, to bring a new sight to expansive landscapes. The Iconic adventures of myself and Kristen as Femme Fatales is the charm of the series. Click below to the open fullscreen gallery to see this series of work.

Femme Fatales of the North duo Kristen Pobatschnig (left) and Rebecca Klementovich (right) are here to bring contemporary art to the north country of New Hampshire and beyond. The two are Abstract Painters located in northern New Hampshire. They are striving to amplify the presence of Contemporary Art in rural New Hampshire by delivering more exposure. Combining their paintings with photography brings new stories to the artwork. The photos themselves are often just as abstract as the paintings, to further encourage exploration in abstract art. “Living in the White Mountains area gives us an arena of an uncharted areas for Modern work in an amazing landscape.”

windy painting 90 d sm

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We consider making art to be a special occasion; Fashion and Modern art? Some artists say dressing down is good practice to keep your nicer garments paint-free. As two artists who love dressing up as well as painting, we consider paint on clothes par for the course, and wear it proudly as a badge of who we are. As an artist, you can always mix up a color solution to match the fabric if you prefer.

article nh mag

NH magazine put us as the Women to watch for 2017 in the May issue.

Femme Fatales of the North: Artist duo Rebecca Klementovich and Kristen Pobatschnig strive to amplify the presence of Contemporary Art in the North Country of New Hampshire. By partnering Contemporary Art with the beauty of the White Mountains, Femme Fatales of the North hopes to encourage more New Hampshirites to explore abstract art as they would the outdoors.


flying painting high sm


Photographers are Orion Kugel, Violet Webster (15) and Joe Klementovich (NY Times photographer).

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