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29.10.14 - The Golden Art Epoch of 2015

We are now facing a golden epoch age of art as the art market corrects itself, through the exuberance of female art gets  underway. Within this correction a large scale repercussion of wonderful alterations of art is happening as the female art scene expands to become more prominent. This positive correction in the current art market is evident as female work populates more art sales and museum solo shows. As more and more investors buy female art we see a trend of balancing the male dominated art market. A shift in awareness of the social structure in the art market is taking hold as more collectors and museums back up woman’s art. If female art was a stock they are moving into blue chip territory.

At the Moma 2015 looks like this.

“MoMA’s 4th and 5th floors of chronologically organized modern and contemporary works will be completely changed out to highlight the Museum’s collection of women artists, which represents about 13% of their painting and sculpture departments. “Finding a way to tell the history of art through only women artists is a formidable exercise,” Temkin remarked.

What will the art world become now that the other half of humanity is being represented in its entirety?

The Brooklyn Museum

Another institute is changing its view as the Brooklyn Museum has Judy Chicago as a permanent exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, which has its own wing dedicated to the Art by Woman.