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10.05.14 - Anais Nin and a state of floating



Anais Nin’s Dairy has a fanatastic quote I wrote below. I must admit, that I don’t understand all of if,

yet it sounds so wonderful.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There comes from our obstinacy in maintaining that
paradise is a garden. The psychoanalysts have added
to the confusion by interpreting the gloating dreams
as a flight into space. The mystic is the only one
who knows that all states of ecstasy are a
state of floating in an ambiance more heavy than
I say., but do not repeat it to anyone who is
not ripe enough to receive it. Paradise is at the
bottom of the sea. and I can also prove to you that
angels are ships. They have no wings but large sails
which they unfold noiselessly at night to cross
eternity. ” Anais nin.