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22.03.14 - Bad Art never looked so Good

In the mountains of Littleton, NH there is a small miracle residing tucked away from most foot traffic, it is the gallery called Bad Art. Among the strong graphic graffiti and abstract paintings you will find Hunteress Thompson hanging by Darth Vadar- masters of darkness. The collaboration of fellow artist also have band practice for Hot Mess in the space.

The atmosphere is as if you stepped into the East Village gallery scene of 1985, the creative ground for the like of William S. Boroughs, Blondie, Pattie Smith, Nan Goldin, and other unknown masters. There is grit on the wall CBGB’s thick, and layers of wonderful eclectic and affordable art for the masses.
These photos are of, Jason Tor one of the owners, as he was doing an abstract painting and gallery sitting- as you can see he is not afraid to use pink (a good sign.)

For more seejason at studioDSCN2196DSCN2205