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05.10.16 - New Curator for Rochester Museum of Fine Arts


October 3, 2016


ROCHESTER — The Rochester Museum of Fine Arts announced on Monday abstract painter and Bartlett-based artist Rebecca Klementovich will join the institution as a  museum’s curator.

Klementovich has taught abstract painting in the Mount Washington Valley for five years.

“I believe this state is on the cusp of expanding their view on what art is,” Klementovich said. “I took the curator position in hopes of widening and promoting more abstract forms of art in New Hampshire. Curators are the gatekeepers.”

The news of Klementovich’s hiring coincides with the announcement the museum has been given a permanent space to show. Still under construction, the new venue is set to open in 2017. The museum was founded in 2011 and is home to some of the most modern and ground breaking art in New Hampshire. Known for its mission statement “Art for Everyone,” the institution has become the primary place to see new work in the state, drawing both from abroad and locally. The collection is currently open to public view at the Rochester Community Center and Rochester Public Library.

And as they prepare their new space the Rochester Museum is showing: A collection of Diane Bowie Zaitlin’s work will be on display at the Carnegie Hall Gallery in the Rochester Public Library from December 3, 2016, to February 3, 2017. Zaitlin’s work is both dynamic and abstract, her weapon of choice mixed media and encaustic paint. Her sense of color and sensuality translate through the movement of her brush stroke and line quality.

Klementovich’s history with the museum includes her donation of a large abstract mountain landscape that now hangs in the museum’s permanent collection and a solo show last year. A strong believer that New Hampshire needs more opportunities to view modern and contemporary work locally; she will be part of shepherding the fledgling institution into its next phase.

“I love the mission statement of this museum, Art for everyone,” she said. “There is nothing finer than elevating the minds of people through art and humanitarian efforts.”

The museum’s current locations are the Rochester Community Center, 150 Wakefield St., and the Carnegie Hall Gallery of the Rochester Public Library, 65 South Main St., both in Rochester. Their website is www. http://rochestermfa.weebly.com/