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February 2017

14.02.17 - Femme Fatales of the North Photographers

Femme Fatales would not be who they are without the enormous talent of the photographers.
Their main photographer who has been photographing the femmes since 2014 is the talented, Orion Kugel.”

Orion Kugel’s work has a beautiful softness and dreamy quality, whenever he photographs us,” Klementovich said. Orion is an artist in his own right. He writes poetry and constructs modern collage pieces.
“When the three of us get together to do a photoshoot there is a great connection, there is a creative flow that is rare,” Rebecca adds.

Orion has this organic way of photographing us. We have this creative spirit that takes over, which you can see in his photographs,” Pobatschnig said about Orion.” He is also our CEO, creative manager, and my boyfriend”, Kristen continued.

Orion has shown at Wren and also at the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts, NH.

orion pic

Joe Klementovich is a New York Times photographer, who lives in North Conway. He is the brother of Rebecca. Joe’s style of work is story like and influenced by National Geographic. The richness he brings to the Fatales is the ability to show expansiveness of the landscapes of New Hampshire. This expansiveness is fast becoming a signature for Joe.

One of his most successful photographs of the Fatales was when he put them right in the middle of a mile of Beach trees by the Saco river, as they painted. “His photographs in that series really show how hard it is to find the right spot to paint, in a place where everything is a great spot,” Rebecca said. “I have known my brother my whole life, he was one of the few people who captured, what it is like to be a female painter in a male dominated field.”

joe k

Violet Webster is sixteen, and is the daughter of Rebecca. She took the first pictures of the fatales on one of her school vacations. By the age of nine, Violet had seen the Picasso exhibition twice, she tried to steps on the platform of a Giacometti sculpture at the age of two, and almost  touched a painted tie on a Rauschenberg painting.

So it was no surprise when Violet captured an Andy Warhol style by setting up the fatales in a static, graphic poses. These first pics were much like Warhol’s compositions of his screen printing work.

Her work was shown in the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts in 2016.

violet vintage and cracked

Anna Demarco is an LA photographer, but is from North Conway. She went to high school with Kristen. Anna did a fantastic job photographing the fatales painting in a canoe. It was hard to maneuver a camera, canoe, and finding the right shot. Orion was paddling the canoe as Anna was able to photograph. It was crazy fun. The concept of the shot was to show another unusual place for the women to paint, a venue that still was a New Hampshire past time. Canoeing while painting was perfect.

anna 1

13.02.17 - Galleries that Carry My Work

Permanent Gallery 
Canterbury Hill Studio, Rockport, MA
Carver Gallery Rockland, Maine
Soho Picture framing, 568 Broadway, NYC
Jackson Art Studio and Gallery, NH
Wren, Bethlehem, NH
Harvest Gold, Lovell, Maine
Cove Gallery, Cape Cod, MAfreedom has no speed sm

13.02.17 - Let’s change the 3 percent amount

BY The Editors of ARTnews POSTED 05/30/15 10:00 AM
139 66 1 238
The four major contemporary art evening auctions earlier this month—where the bluest of the blue chip art is sold—pulled in an astounding $1.84 billion. Art by women accounted for just $53.5 million of that, or about 2.9 percent. The above graph tells the story, underscoring the fact that while many museums and galleries are working to exhibit more work by women, work by male artists still dominates the highest echelon of the contemporary art market. (Note that Christie’s “Looking Forward to the Past” sale featured both modern and contemporary work, but has been included here.)

Copyright 2015, ARTnews Ltd, 40 W 25th Street, 6th Floor, New York, N.Y. 10010. All rights reserved.joe tree looking spot

PHOTO by Joe Klementovich

12.02.17 - 7 degrees with blizzard conditions

IMG_3459 IMG_3461

On February 11th in Jackson, NH, two abstract painters displayed their work along the 56 wooded trails at the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. Rebecca Klementovich of Bartlett and Kristen Pobatschnig of Conway call themselves the “Femme Fatals of the North” and are working to bring more attention to female painters in northern New Hampshire.

The day of the show it was 7 degrees with blizzard conditions. The snow was falling down hard. The women had to pull their large canvases on sleds across the trails at the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation. It was estimated that 3,000 people would be at the foundation that day, a similar number of viewers as the MOMA. All of the paintings were hung creatively on trees. The paintings are highly colorful. The thick layers of varnish kept the canvases safe from the heavy amounts of snow.

12.02.17 - Thanks for publishing our event,Conway Daily Sun

article ski art

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