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February 2014

13.02.14 - Lunar frames are made of shadows, tape and String

Lunar frame is made of shadows, tape and string to build up a frame that is about movement. The mars series goes into again the exploring of the 99% of unseen comparing with the 1% of matter that we are in the habit of. Perhaps it is habit which keeps us all here?xlunar frame curvature frontal
These frames are of course for the Mars paintings. This particular painting is called the Curvature of Marsxlunar frame curvature detailxlunar frame curvature big detail

09.02.14 - snowing, painting in quiet woods

snowing painting and caught alone

By Robert Frost 1874–1963 Robert Frost

The way a crow
Shook down on me
The dust of snow
From a hemlock tree
Has given my heart
A change of mood
And saved some part
Of a day I had rued.

08.02.14 - Curators who see subtle light

kitty 34 curatorkitty toykitty curatorCats and kitties are able to see more subtle movement and light. So what can cats see in and around art? Can cats see

subtle energies that float around paintings? The last photo shows the reflective

quality of a kitty and her favorite abstract painting along with her army guy tied in

pink yarn toy.




05.02.14 - Saatchi Gallery- who is Saatchi?

I am International, by way of being recognized by the Saatchi Gallery as artist of the month, an institution that is world famous. If any artist is ready to show on a large scale I recommend this site.


Who is Saatchi?

Charles Saatchi’s achievement here was massive in almost every sense. He invented a new movement – something every critic and curator dreams of doing. Just as Apollinaire came up with cubism and Breton with surrealism, Charles coined YBAs. This was not an empty slogan. The YBAs created a new and accessible fusion of pop and conceptualism that had the distinctively British feel of an indie band. Sarah Lucas’s melons and cucumbers were crude but uncanny – pub surrealism. Hume’s candy coloured abstract paintings looked like ice cream served by an American colourfield painter. Hirst’s shark was “Jaws – the art work”, with all its sequels, too. The YBAs made art that was simpler, punchier and more fun (but not necessarily more interesting or original) than what had gone before. The YBAs accelerated the trajectory of artistic style towards production line and brand identity.

Saatchi’s YBAs changed culture not only in Britain, but abroad. Takashi Murakami, a Japanese Warhol – perhaps the most successful pop artist at the moment, with huge studios in Japan and NYC, and a show currently at Gagosian’s Britannia Street gallery – enthusiastically cites Hirst as an influence. So does India’s Subodh Gupta, who makes various $1m skulls, wheels and nuclear explosions out of amalgamations of Indian tiffin cookware. The most famous artist of the moment, Ai Weiwei, imprisoned and then released by the Chinese authorities, is another YBA-influenced figure with his huge studios in China, where a team of assistants follow his instructions delivered in mobile phone calls and occasional visits, and where scores of old Chinese earthenware vases half-dipped in random primary colours are arranged in large grids as installations.

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