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December 2013

10.12.13 - In the middle of Masterpieces

I have a few personal thoughts about the atmosphere of a studio. Which are, “I feel confined in most places except in my studio. There I’m only myself, standing in the middle of masterpieces that only I have ever seen and painted before.”xnight studio full side

10.12.13 - The next morning……………….

xnight studio sitting side goodOther artists also are affected by their studio such as Philip Guston. He says, “I am a night painter, so when I come into the studio the next morning the delirium is over. I go into the studio very fearfully; I creep in to see what happened the night before. And the feeling is one of, “My God, did I do that?”

10.12.13 - The night time atmosphere of an artist studio

xnight studio outsidePeter Rizzo, who has a MFA in sculpture and experience as an Architect designed this amazing studio. The ceiling is a sky blue, and the inside lighting is thoroughly organic. What is most attractive and unique is the space of Pine Green wood in between many of the windows. A deep green wall enables the brightness of the paint to come alive. In essence the atmosphere of this studio space enables a clear and inspiring message to come through in the paintings that are painted there.


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