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November 2012

26.11.12 - Canterbury Hill Studio and Gallery

Canterbury Hill Gallery, a place where art lovers, art investors, and collectors go for innovative
new works in painting, crafts, and fine jewelry. The owner Meg, Lustig is grand daughter of the famous Max Kuehne. Their family has a long tradition
of art and business in a wonderful fun mix.

meg and rebe heads

I show my work at the gallery. I love supporting Meg in her revival of the Rockport painting scene once again.
The up coming year Meg has some vintage Rockport parties and new artwork coming to town!
Canterbury Hill StudioGallery is down the road from the Motif #1.

Built in the 1840s as Rockport became home to a colony of artists and fishermen, the shack became a favorite subject of painters due to the composition and lighting of its location as well as being a symbol of New England maritime life. Painter Lester Hornby (1882–1956) is believed to be the first to call the shack “Motif Number 1” a reference to its being the favorite subject of the town’s painters, and the name achieved general acceptance.



22.11.12 - What’s an Abate?

What’s an Abate, a friend asked me? Artwork was my reply.

Abate’s work gravitates toward photography and geometric watercolor paintings. What I find most interesting is his Surrealist influence that pepper his work.
Peter’s efforts to tap into the creative powers of the unconscious carries him into new concepts of compositions and subject matter.
This is the reason why I was so excited for Peter to photograph me. I was curious to see what unrestrained territories he would
find as he accessed new routes to his imagination.

Here are some examples of Abate’s work taken in his home in Maine 2012.


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