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18.11.14 - Poets and Painters

 Painters and the Poets

Picasso’s first Parisian friend, Max Jacob, was a poet and journalist who helped him learn the French language and its literature. Soon they shared an apartment. Max slept at night. Picasso slept during the day and worked at night. These were times of severe poverty, cold, and desperation. Picasso burned much of his work to keep the small room warm. Poet Guillaume Apollinaire, and writer Alfred Jarry, who were close to Picasso while living in the Montmartre quarters, were also key influences on Picasso.


Katherine Ferrier’s work

For me, it being a painter and having a friend like Katherine a poet, I see the connection of conceptual forms of work or paint. Katherine’s work,

How we share the sky is an exploration of continuousness, commitment and connection. Each day she writes of the sky in her poetic form, leaving the reader in a new space. Katherine reminds me of the local talent of ee cummings, in her unassuming brilliance with words.
I work in similar ways in that I try to leave the viewer with a new language through painting with unseen energy, such as in the Blinking series. There is a special bond between painter and poet, as developing a new language in any form is a formidable yet rewarding challenge.
More of Katherine can be found at www.howwesharethesky.com
She also posts daily on her Facebook page.

Below: Katherine Ferrier with Klementovich

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21.03.12 - Portrait of a poet, makes it into a museum see at www.thepainteress.com

Portrait of a poet, your words shine like perfume, was selected to be shown

in the Provincetown Art and Association and Museum, March 2012


I am very proud and humbled at the same time to have a piece in a museum.

Some days when things are bleak I think of Picasso’s thoughts on new paintings.

Once, while Picasso was painting, a critic and friend stopped him in the middle of his work and said, “One question has been bothering me. I want to know: you have painted hundreds of paintings; which is your best paiting?”others that you have pianted before?”

Picasso said, “They are all contained in it. And the next one that I do will be even better than this, because the more you paint, the greater is your skill, the greater is your art.”

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