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21.03.12 - Portrait of a poet, makes it into a museum see at www.thepainteress.com

Portrait of a poet, your words shine like perfume, was selected to be shown

in the Provincetown Art and Association and Museum, March 2012


I am very proud and humbled at the same time to have a piece in a museum.

Some days when things are bleak I think of Picasso’s thoughts on new paintings.

Once, while Picasso was painting, a critic and friend stopped him in the middle of his work and said, “One question has been bothering me. I want to know: you have painted hundreds of paintings; which is your best paiting?”others that you have pianted before?”

Picasso said, “They are all contained in it. And the next one that I do will be even better than this, because the more you paint, the greater is your skill, the greater is your art.”

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