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05.05.14 - New England Expressionism and Robert Frost titles of Birch paintings.

xOne could do worse

This is a group of artists exploring edge detection in the Colonial states. The last great artwork showing a movement  here in New England was the cut up snake on the Flag during the Revolution. Join or Die. Join, or Die” was a well-known political cartoon, created Benjamin Franklin and first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9, 1754. It is time for another strong New England art evolution.More details.

Branches up snow white trunk

New England expressionist is equivalent to an Avant Garde Yankee. These artist use  New England poetry phrases to  accompanied their art. All these forms are combined together are to entice the viewer to enter imagery of New England, while breaking through some personal way things could be looked upon. This series speaks to us using poetry as a way of abstraction. In particular Klementovich’s work is like Basquiat painting while Robert Frost speaks of plows, plums, and New England Weather.

Titles include One could do worse than being a swinger, or Branches up a snow white trunk.

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