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24.03.14 - Teenagers and Abstract Painting Throwing

roof alex split roof angels pixl roof ben float pixl roof violet pixl



How to entice youth to the merits of studying art history can be elevated by intergrading excitement into the lives of both the painting and the teenagers. These photos are fine examples of teenager’s appreciation by throwing an abstract painting off the roof top shows both initiative and courage for the sake of art. There is nothing more exciting than changing where and how the context of art can be seen.

04.09.11 - wildest art opening

When an artist gives full commitment/love to his work, their road maps unfold towards success. This discussion allows further extension to oneself into new territories to discover. Commitment not to sell out or to settle for less, these ideals can be transferred to the viewer of such artwork under these courageous conditions. What can be the result? Here is one, the reactions of pre-teens viewing this type of work, lends itself to be one of the wildest art openings yet.
Photos by Joe Klementovich

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