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For sale Large Landscapes to Collectors


I love Painting the amazing landscape of the White Mountains. “Gods Country” really denotes the true beauty of the area. With Cadmium  wild colors from the foliage to the intense weather we have coming from Mt. Washington it is no wonder why people flock here from all over the world. Below are some of the best large paintings, some have been in museums which are reflected in the price.                       Suddenly everyone is buying Klementovich art.


Klementovich Art

Not just museum colorful paintings, But an Investment.

The famous Matisse once had a patron come to buy a painting in his studio. His patron watched while Matisse painted the painting
he was going to buy. Matisse took a long brush and painted a beautiful outline drawing of a woman and worked on the painting for an hour
or so. “Finished,” Matisse told his patron. The patron looked at the piece saying,” Am I paying all of this money for an hour of your time?”
“No, “Matisse said. ” You are paying for the life time it took to get to this point of my painting.” The patron left satisfied.
One never knows what the artist goes through to become the best artists he can be.

yawning at dawn retake sm

Title of Painting- Dawn  2009 48×36″ Price $2,990.00 Oil

Newport Art Museum & Art Association, for a group show in 2012. The brush strokes are very wild and bold. There are four layers of underpainting giving many small surprises of unusual color within the painting. For  more detailed pics. Please email me klementovich111@gmail.com. Shipping free.


What happens to the mountains in the fall? Whole mountains turn orange and yellow. It is unbelievable. This painting depicts how the foliage and landscape turn into Kaleidoscopes of color in New England. For  more detailed pics. Please email me klementovich111@gmail.com. Shipping free.







Title of Painting- Through the Opening of Clouds at Night 2014  36×60″ Price $2,990.00

xOne could do worse







Title of Painting- Swingers of Birches 2013  36×48″ Price $2,990.00

The work here is based of a phrase from Robert Frost’s work. In particular painting the Birch tree was difficult. How do you paint that white bark? Since I was in fashion textiles for many years I designed the bark as if I would design a stripe with many lines of color. It surprises me how many people have an affinity for the Birch tree. For  more detailed pics. Please email me klementovich111@gmail.com. Shipping free.

covered bridge

Title of Painting- Covered Bridge 2016  36×60″ Price $2.990.00

This is a protest painting for the all the covered bridges in New England. It is painted with wild strokes, a bright palette. The funny part of the painting is the detail to the wooden planks that make the covered bridge. The red represents the covered bridge, the pale blue water -the river, and green -the foliage. It is truly a dynamic painting.

freedom has no speed sm

Title of Painting- Freedom has no Speed 2016  36×48″ Price $2.990.00

This  vibrant painting is part of the series that works with a new Language of the mountains. The unusual marks and bits of bright color help show  movement of light playing off the land and weather. This Mount Washington Range painting is painted from the Jackson side of things.

language of the ravine, Tuckerman's sm Title-Tuckermen’s Ravine Painting 2015  36×48″ Price $2.990.00

This painting is a wonderful color study of snow with a dedication to the many colorways found in a bit of snow. The colors are pushed to the extremes for the snow. Tuckerman’s also has a famous waterfall in the winter located on the upper right hand in a a group of swirling turquoise brush strokes. This is an important piece of work, as it shows the ravine in a radically different way.


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