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Flying over the Icefalls at Tuckerman’s Ravine Mount Washington

 Flying over the Icefalls


  Tuckerman’s Ravine, Mount Washington

“A new language of Mountains and Ice”

These five oil paintings depict the acclaimed and deadly Tuckerman’s Ravine’s Icefalls, which are located on the top right crest of the Mountain’s edge. During the spring and later winter month’s skiers will ski off the dangerous top ledge of Tuckerman’s where these Icefalls cascade off the mountain. To make a successful jump the Icefalls require skiers to go off cliffs as tall as 25 feet.

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The Bahamas Blue of New England

The illuminating qualities of the Icefalls are a rare Bahamas blue. During the cold February and March months these Aqua blue Icefalls are in bright contrast to the white snow. Only through many nights of below freezing weather can this area produce this ghostly haunting mix of transparent blue. There are only a few places in the world that can trap this amazing Aqua blue color.

The four painting are 28×36” and one is 36×48”. If  you look closely at the work you can see the many layers of oil which show the frozen moss behind the Icefalls, the movement of hidden water flowing behind the ice, and trapped dirt and rock behind the Icefalls. Rebecca Klementovich, one of the abstract painters in the Femme Fatales of the North has spent many years studying these particular Icefalls and has given us a glimpse into its frozen world.

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language of the ravine, Tuckerman's sm This is an abstract version of the “Bowl” on the upper right top edge of the Mountain,

the turquoise blurred section is the location of these Icefalls.