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01.11.14 - Birds supporting freedom?

Bird watching in the 18oo Century

In the nineteenth century, bird watching affo leave the house unaccompanied. The study of birds, their environment and  anatomy was best known by Cordelia Stanwood in the 1870’s. She was undervalued of her remarkable ideas of photographing and understanding birds which I learned from reading Cynthia Melendy’s dissertation on the subject of woman and birds. During these years woman were advocates of the protection of birds, an example is the essay “When Women Were Women, Men Were Men, and Birds were Hats.” Due to the work of Cordelia and books such as the one mentioned the Plumage laws were enacted in 1913-1920. This dissertation by Cynthia has some facts that the general public is not privy to with the relationship between birds and woman. If you would like to read Cynthia’s work you can find her on Facebook.

My friendship with Cynthia is defined like the that of Spock and Kirk’s on the Enterprise,- unknown destination of uncharted  arena’s. Between our exploring art, birds, galleries, and social context we are expanding the never ending viewpoint woman and art.