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31.03.14 - Currier Museum, NH has some Painting Goodies

The Currier Museum has some wonderful paintings donated by a patrons such as Gruber and Groko. In fact
the Rothko painting at the museum was donated by Doctor Groko who was Rothko’s personal physician during Rothko’s life. However, my personal favorite was the large colorful free stroke genius of Joan Mitchell a female painter who gives the viewer a tactile experience. The thick globs of paint is a an homage to Pollack’s action painting. Joan’s color sense is a fantastic balance of somber colors and bold bright greens. In between her many layers of bold brush strokes, (something only a forty dollar paint brush can achieve), are the small magical speckles of color that float around the edges of the painting.

The Stella painting at this museum is one of the finest representations of his Compass series. I knew Stella’s girlfriend, she was an artist too, a graduate from Yale. He appeared to be a difficult man, one can see this with his devotion to a perfect painted line while keeping a difficult unyielding composition. As a painter I can tell you that his circular canvas is almost impossible to paint. His color sense is wonderful here, the sage color is the neutral color holder and the Marigold along with the bold red are the color highlights. He is really is a master.

Other wonders at the Museum are -Hans Hoffman, the wizard teacher for ALL of the New York Abstract painters.
-Hibbard, a rare painter who painted large painting in the snow’s of New England
– Michael Mazur, has a springtime painting of dreamy spring yellows.
Please go sees these treasure at the Currier Museum.xmitchellxstella