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July 2015

20.07.15 - Mt Washington NH Tundra Painting

Chasing canvas with Paint Brush 

windy painting 90 d sm

This day the weather was 52 degrees in July. The wind was moving at 36pmh, the elevation was 6,288ft.

20.07.15 - Between realities

Femmes Fatales of the North

Femmes Fatales of the North painters whose

revelations build the bridge between realities by using images and abstract art.

painters with large brush sm

17.07.15 - Painting hours in Green

Making the hours green and watery

Femmes Fatales of the North canoeing on a lake near Mount, Washington, making the hours green and watery.artcanoe9 sm

Somewhere lost on the lake in the Mount Washington area the femmes are lazily painting all.

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