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October 2013

30.10.13 - Dues

In the last few centurues female abstract painters are relatively new into the art scene. Leaving us more freedom
due to less organizations confining her, no community, no society, no nation. The icons of painters are beginning to change and open to a beginning of a new adventure.xmeditition fash full

23.10.13 - Does Fashion define oil painting smock or does oil paint?

Finally this generation is redefining what painters wear to paint. Why not paint in silk, I am

sure the paintings would appreciate it.meditation fashion

meditation fash 3 quarter

23.10.13 - Visual reasons to paint outdoors.


22.10.13 - The ethereal asparugus bed

Secretly I have been painting and photographing my neighbor’s asparagus bed. So beautiful.
Asparagus is so ethereal.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


06.10.13 - De Kooning and Vinyasa drawings

Dekooning woman in half wheel posture.The sketch in Salamba Sirsana (head stand) is the body balancing symmetrically on the crown of the head and arms very unlike the 1950’s pinup girl De Kooning likes to depict. The sketches also show how daily influences such as the Bhava yoga deeply inspires new understanding of the body mechanics. This new understanding has brought a new sensitivity into how I draw and paint females. It is amazing to find how our daily life affects painting or the arts in general.

The sketches are influenced by De Kooning in that they depict the pushing of the energy in the postures that these woman are in.De Kooning made numerous preliminary studies then repainted the canvas repeatedly, eventually arriving at this hulking, wild-eyed figure of a woman. An amalgam of female archetypes, from a Paleolithic fertility goddess to a 1950s pinup girl, her threatening gaze and ferocious grin are heightened by de Kooning’s aggressive brushwork and intensely colored palette.
Dekooning woman head stand 2DeKooning woman in Camel

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