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20.07.15 - Mt Washington NH Tundra Painting

Chasing canvas with Paint Brush 

windy painting 90 d sm

This day the weather was 52 degrees in July. The wind was moving at 36pmh, the elevation was 6,288ft.

20.07.15 - Between realities

Femmes Fatales of the North

Femmes Fatales of the North painters whose

revelations build the bridge between realities by using images and abstract art.

painters with large brush sm

17.07.15 - Painting hours in Green

Making the hours green and watery

Femmes Fatales of the North canoeing on a lake near Mount, Washington, making the hours green and watery.artcanoe9 sm

Somewhere lost on the lake in the Mount Washington area the femmes are lazily painting all.

22.06.15 - Ultra Female Painting

ff north

The first appearance of our concept of Femme Fatales was in the imagination. One of our missions has been to cultivate a feminine painter’s viewpoint. Most painters are famous masculine such as Picasso, Matisse, De Kooning. How does an ultra female painter paint?

06.05.15 - Hunter S Thompson and Klementovich

Hunter S Thompson

 “In Recognition of Hunter S Thompson”

Many women are in love with Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth, or Christian Bale. But myself, I’m infatuated with Hunter S. Thompson and his nonfiction book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Hunter S. had his own brand of Gonzo journalism, wherein reporters become the main character of the stories they’re reporting–and often travel to what Hunter called The Edge. “There is no honest way to explain The Edge,” he once wrote, “because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”

In recognition of Hunter S Thompson’s imaginative genius, I dedicate this photo (yes, that’s me shooting an abstract painting) to those still waiting to go over The Edge. Come join us. You have nothing to lose but your remote control channel flickers.

fear ad loathi

23.03.15 - Synesthesia explained



History of Synesthesia

Synesthesia is weird. It happens when you hear a sound but somehow see a color. It was first noted by the ancient Greeks, who coined the word synaesthesia by conjoining the word syn (σύν), meaningtogether”, and with the word aisthēsis (αἴσθησις), meaning “sensation.” In 1812 a German man, George Sachs, became the first physician to describe synesthesia in a medical journal. Since then, there have been myriad other studies, and in the 1990s they led to the formation of groups such as the American Synesthesia Association and the UK Synesthesia Association.

Types of synesthesia

What is Synesthesia

21.02.15 - No place too dangerous

No place too dangerous: 231 m.ph. winds and the abstract painter

Living at the foothills of Mt Washington out in Bartlett, NH, one finds plenty of strange, dangerous and wild places to paint. The studio is in the lower valley surrounded by mountains producing crosswinds clocked at 66 MPH. Due to the extreme weather the water in the rivers turn an aqua blue and the sky tangerine orange. The snow gives a nice glowing white to hang paintings on. Enjoy the gallery  walls made of snow below.Follow “paint anywhere” on Instagram. And get your lazy behind outside!



03.12.14 - Blue Chips

princess liea medIt’s blue chips time, ladies

We are now facing a golden epoch age of art as the art market corrects itself, through the exuberance of female art gets  underway. Within this correction a large scale repercussion of wonderful alterations of art is happening as the female art scene expands to become more prominent. This positive correction in the current art market is evident as female work populates more art sales and museum solo shows. As more and more investors buy female art we see a trend of balancing the male dominated art market. A shift in awareness of the social structure in the art market is taking hold as more collectors and museums back up woman’s art. If female art was a stock they are moving into blue chip territory.


18.11.14 - Poets and Painters

 Painters and the Poets

Picasso’s first Parisian friend, Max Jacob, was a poet and journalist who helped him learn the French language and its literature. Soon they shared an apartment. Max slept at night. Picasso slept during the day and worked at night. These were times of severe poverty, cold, and desperation. Picasso burned much of his work to keep the small room warm. Poet Guillaume Apollinaire, and writer Alfred Jarry, who were close to Picasso while living in the Montmartre quarters, were also key influences on Picasso.


Katherine Ferrier’s work

For me, it being a painter and having a friend like Katherine a poet, I see the connection of conceptual forms of work or paint. Katherine’s work,

How we share the sky is an exploration of continuousness, commitment and connection. Each day she writes of the sky in her poetic form, leaving the reader in a new space. Katherine reminds me of the local talent of ee cummings, in her unassuming brilliance with words.
I work in similar ways in that I try to leave the viewer with a new language through painting with unseen energy, such as in the Blinking series. There is a special bond between painter and poet, as developing a new language in any form is a formidable yet rewarding challenge.
More of Katherine can be found at www.howwesharethesky.com
She also posts daily on her Facebook page.

Below: Katherine Ferrier with Klementovich

photo (1)

04.11.14 - Teacher, Student and Painting

Teacher, Student and Painting

Here is a kind quote from one of my students, a successful painter named John LeCour: “Rebecca Klementovich is super intelligent and is the finest instructor I have ever had.  She customizes her curriculum organically to each of her students so that they can  follow their own specific  and unique pathway to personal growth.  Rebecca is one of those rare beings –a combination of a highly gifted artist who is also an extremely skilled and articulate teacher. Her paintings and her teaching have inspired me to push myself to try to attain the highest  possible levels in my own personal development as an artist.”

John firsdt saw my work in a show and it affected him so much. He began taking classes shortly after. John now shows in New England, and is on his second series of work.


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